Collapsed nodes in a script

Hi all, I’ve just noticed, that some of the scripts has become unreadible, making all the Dynamo scripts I want to reuse useless. Problem occured on Dynamo 2.6 on Revit 2021. See the picture below.

It is a script created in Dynamo 2.3 for Revit 2020. I checked it back on base Dynamo/Revit, it looks ok:

Any ideas on what to do? My guess is that one of the packages caused the problem. After installing I couldn’t find it in the library. Once I’ve restarted Dynamo/Revit - here is where I am. The warning basically says, that I need to point directly wchich List I’m into here. Take a look below:


Many thanks for any help!

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I have no idea what causes this problem, but i see that your are missing a package in your upper picture (the red node) so maybe try installing all your missing packages, then try to open the script.

If that doesn’t work you could also use CTRL + L to let Dynamo “fix” your node lay-out

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Thank you @Daan, it helped untangle the script. Ctrl+L did it, downloading missing package removed the red node. However, funny thing happened to all groups (they are gone) and all Code Block objects.
The hunt is still on :wink:

Likely a conflicting Revit add-in. Make sure all software (Revit, Dynamo, all your add-ins) is up to date, check the notifications dialog (! icon in the top of your window) to see which it may be. If that doesn’t work or provide a hint, disable all add-ins, restart your CPU and see if that fixes it.


Well, @jacob.small you did it! Thank you very much for your help. I’ve just removed 2 plugins, so from now on I’ll watch them very closely when reinstalling.
The “!” icon informs about a few packages. I should investigate them now too.