Dynamo crashes - code block problem

Hello all,

Some times Dynamo crashes but I save the script. The problem is that when I open again the script I cannot write in the code block nodes (image below). So I need to start the script from scratch… do you have any idea ?
I use Revit 2021 and Dynamo

Code block problem|690x397

Thank you in advance!

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I have the same problem without facing a crash.
If I just save and re-open the script I see the nodes all together (see image below) and the problem with the code block remains.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you!
script problem

Hi @mairh_tsek,

Can you make a screenshot of the packages you have installed? I have had this problem before with the Dyno Addin

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Hello @Joelmick ,

Thank you for your answer. I have installed these packages:


Hmm okay, nothing weird. You can try to un-install all the packages and see if the problem presists.

Does it only happen with this graph you shared or does it happen with other graphs as well?

Can you share the faulty graph?

with all the graphs actually. But I have already installed these packages for a while now , and Dynamo worked well

Check your Dynamo log and Revit journal as these behaviors are usually a result of a conflicting Revit add-in, not necessarily an issue with a package.

Items in your notifications in Dynamo can often point you in the right direction.

I checked the notifications… I uninstalled the RhythmRevit package but the problem persists.
ok, I found the Dynamo Log, but it is difficult to understand where the problem is…
Thank you!

Is that the only notification? Can you restart your CPU, open Revir, launch a file, open Dynamo, open a file with the error, and then post the Dynamo log and Revit journal?

So, I checked the Dynamo log…the uninstall of some packages was blocked and I should delete the directory manually (Generative.Design.Extension , Generative.Design , Generative.Design.Revit).
Now it seems that the scripts work!

Thank you for your ideas!

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I wouldn’t remove those as they may be rather important.

What Revit add-in was in conflict?

I saw these in dynamo log so I deleted these packages…

Those shouldn’t have created this behavior, but likely exist due to trying to remove a package in Dynamo which is marked in use by Revit (the GD add-in and Dynamo both leverage this).

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