Dynamo Sandbox preview problem in Windows 10

I recently updated my PC from Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 and since then my Dynamo Sandbox doesn’t preview any geometry.
I have a Dell Precision M6700, with Inter Core i7-3740QM CPU @2.70GHz, 16GB RAM, 64bit system and an NDVIA Quadro K3000M, which is fully updated with its drivers etc.
I have changed all my settings through the NDVIA Control Panel so that the high performance graphics card is both the default graphic’s card and the assigned card for Dynamo Studio and in particular dynamosandbox.exe.
Since then I have run out of options on what to do to resolve the issue. Any help would be really appreciated
Thank you

Hi Angeletout:

Try this.
Go to the “DynamoSandbox.exe” location.
Right click on it.
click “Run with graphic processor”
Change it.

Then once successful…do it again and make it the default.
Hope that works.


Hi Jude, thank you for your answer.
It doesn’t work unfortunately.
The NDVIA card is already the default for it.

Can you post screenshots of:

Dynamo’s graphics setting in your card’s control software
The lack of display in Dynamo
The ‘enabled geometry previews’ settings in Dynamo

Hello Jacob, here are the screenshots:

Scroll down in features and make sure open gl is forced on.

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