Dynamo Sandbox don't give any results for installing packages

Dear People,

I want to try Dynamo Sandbox(Standalone version) but i can’t install any package because of the results in the searchbar are empty. See piicture below:

Who can help me to solve this.

Check the Package Path in sandbox.
Then copy the packages (whole pakage folders) there.
Remember not all packages will show up (if they contain nodes that need revit.dll)

Sometimes the search takes awhile to pre-cache for search. This is partially dependent on the load server side and partially on your local system, so the timing can vary between uses. Be patient and wait for stuff to show up before you start to search. If the pre-search list is blank don’t start typing. Once stuff shows up, search away.

If you find you never see any packages, check to see if you have access to the web-resource at https://www.dynamopackages.com/.

see :