Dynamo Revit vs Dynamo Sandbox / Studio

Odd issue.

I developed a Custom Node to Shuffle list of List Individually. However for reasons I can not see It will only function in Dynamo Studio of Dynamo Sandbox. When Run with Revit it only returns “Null” values.

Attached is a screen shot of two sessions of Dynamo (One revit, One Sandbox) of the same graph. After this I also removed all “Addins” from the Revit addin folder (except dynamo) and re started. No change.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Follow up… Attempted same on Revit 2018 and a second computer, Same issue/result.

Here is the code block definition for ref:

def shuffle1(List1:var[]){
return = [Imperative]
n = Count(List1) - 1;
List2 = {};
for (each in List1)
i = Math.Random(0,n);
List2 = List.AddItemToEnd(List1[i],List2);
List1 = List.RemoveItemAtIndex(List1, i);
n = n - 1;
return = List2;

Its most likely caused by a namespace clash between DesignScript and an external library. Unfortunately, fully-qualifying the class in DS doesn’t solve the problem. Instead, try un-installing your packages and it should work as expected:


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That may appear to the issue. Removed all packages and retried and it works. Next step is to add them back in to track down the offending one.

This implies that a Package can redefine or break a DesignScript function. Hmmm.

Hey Mike!
Don’t know if this is related to your problem or not, but I had an issue with the latest build of Archi-lab with Dynamo 1.3.0
Had to back off to an earlier build of Archi-lab.
See here for more detail: