Dynamo from Revit 2023 not reading custom nodes packages

Hi all,
I noticed that Dynamo for Revit 2023 no longer reads custom nodes which work with previous version of Revit up to Revit 2022.
In the example below im using a node from the package “steam nodes”

The 3 images below shows the issue:
1 when i open the script
2 when i double click the custom node prior to enter it
3 issue inside the custom node

I noticed these errors occurs with several custom nodes in Dynamo for Revit 2023. Current version im using is: core Revit

Does anyone know the reason why? Any fix to this?

Thanks for the help

Hi @Damiano try rename Tolerance to tolerance…and for Flatten use DSCore.List.flatten

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Thank you Sovitek,

Changing to “tolerance” seems to work.
DSCore.List.flatten; gives another warning and lose the “item” input similar to the previous block where i marked “A”.

Do you know why this things are changing in Revit 2023 compared to 2002 and also a solution to fix this node?

Thank you very much for your help

arhhh soryy try with DSCore.List.Flatten([item]); or just List.Flatten([item]);…its a very old package and havent been maintained for long time…but try if this works…im not at my pc so cant check…but normally work for me

This was a change to prevent confusion around inputs using the name of a class. They used to be allowed, now they aren’t.

The issue with Flatten is because you now have multiple libraries with a List namespace. In order to know which one to use, you have to provide Dynamo with the full path. This is pretty common with generic namespaces (List, Math, Element, etc.).

Neither of these things are specific to custom nodes. They just tend to surface that way because nodes will completely “break” with either of these issues.

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Thank you all for your answers