Dynamo Revit crashes

The 2019 version of Dynamo Revit 1.3.3 will not open in revit.

The 2018 just crahsed for me as well I cant take repair Revit seem to have no effect.
I tires just reinstalling the dynamo part and restatring the computer.
Why is this happeing ?
Cant i use dynamo studio and Revit for a dynamo file? Do I need to choose one way to axcess dynamo?
I dont have the programs open at the same time but i do want to be able to open the dynamo file both through revit or through dynamo studios

No. You can only access Revit content via Dynamo for Revit. Post your journal from a session where you open Revit, start start a new project using the template, launch Dynamo and let Revir crash. Usually with that we can see the issue.

It started working dont know why. Thanks