Dynamo not opening Revit 2018

Hello, I have the same problem. Dynamo crashes when i try to open a new script. Its just a blank screen and then revit crashes and i have to force close revit.
I have uninstalled and re-installed revit . . . Didn’t work
I have uninstalled and re-installed different versions of Dynamo . . . didn’t work
Revit works fine without Dynamo open.

FYI: i am new to dynamo and revit.

Try to install latest service pack of revit and then install dynamo. In my case this worked.

where is that
I have a student free account. I don’t think i have access to that.

This is all i see

Go to manage.autodesk.com and download the most current Revit update for your version. Install that. Then uninstall all things dynamo including dynamo core, dynamo for Revit, and dynamo studio. Then download the desired dynamo version and install dynamo core and dynamo for Revit as needed.

it didn’t work
do you think its my computer?
all the other programs i have on my computer works fine.
Its just dynamo

what version of Revit are you using, and what version of Dynamo?

2018 version of revit and the newest version of Dynamo

make sure you have the most current version of 2018 (check in help -> about).

@clombre looks like your graphics card driver is not installed. Try installing driver and see if that makes difference,


Thanks you @Kulkul You’re amazing
I would never had figured it out without you

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :wink:

i’m also facing same issue.
i cross checked my graphic card drivers, but they are already installed.

how can i resolve the problem.

Please help me out!!!

Thank you in Advance.