Dynamo Bug


I am experiencing a bug. I have posted it to GitHub, but I was wondering if I could get some more immediate advice/recommendations over here?

I have restarted my PC and reinstalled Dynamo. V2.0.1 which hasn’t helped. It keeps crashing unexpectedly, but always immediately, or after placing never more than 5 nodes.

Dynamo 1.3.3 works. But when trying to open any of the projects in V1.3.3 that I was working on in V2.0.1 it says “file corrupt”.

Any suggestions on how to get V2.0.1 working again?

GitHub link:

Any assistance would be highly recommended? Even if its just the reassurance to wait it out for a solution to the GitHub post.



Regarding this part : you cannot open in Dynamo 1.3 a graph that was designed on Dynamo 2.0.

Okay great, so at least I know all my files aren’t corrupt :slight_smile: . Thanks!