Dynamo Primer - Getting Started - Adding Complexity

Hello all, new and getting started trying to learn Dynamo.

I am going through each post from getting started and I am getting two errors and the geometry looks incorrect (the circles are all the same size for me).

I’m not able to upload the .dyn, being a new user. I am running Revit 2017, Dynamo

I was getting other errors but I went back and recreated the graph and caught I didn’t have the lacing set to cross product previously. I’ve tried right-clicking the flatten node to make sure it was at it’s default value of “-1” but I couldn’t find where to edit that value either.

I’m sure it is simple, and the help with getting me started is appreciated. Thanks for your time and assistance!


What does the error says? Could switch on the previews for all the nodes?

I think that the issue stems from trying to use Dynamo 1.x to follow a tutorial for 2.x. As a result you are passing a function into the Geometry.DistanceTo node as the List.Flatten node back then required an input for all values. The ‘clue’ to this is that the List.Flatten node is in a function state as indicated by the lighter grey name.

For now you can try adding a value of -1 into the ‘amount’ input of the flatten node. Hopefully that works for you.

Long term it is likely best to upgrade to Dynamo 2.0.3 or refer to older tutorials for 1.x only.

Hi @Kulkul, thanks for your reply.

The first node Geometry.DistanceTo says “Warning: No Function called DistanceTo on a Function that takes Point could be found”

The second node Circle.ByCenterPointRadius says “Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Coudln’t find a version of ByCenterPointRadius that takes arguments of type (Function,null)”

When you mention…

Could switch on the previews for all the nodes?
Is that when someone hovers over a node and the bottom temporarily displays something below until I lock it?

Thanks @JacobSmall for responding.

I’ve tried looking up if the latest version of Dynamo would be backwards compatible unlike Revit. This version was just installed when this version of Revit was installed initially. I didn’t want to mess files up as I’m trying to learn if Dynamo was version specific. Is it safe to always just download/install the latest official releases as they’re available and would work for multiple Revit versions?

I added another Number node with a value of “-1” and connected it to the node List.Flatten to the amt input. I ran it after and that took away the errors and resized the circles. I think that solved it.

Yes, I will look into upgrading my Dynamo version, I would have already if I knew what upgrading would cause. (Like how Revit is version specific and is not backwards compatible). Thank you for the help with training!

From Revit 2017 to 2019 Dynamo 2.0.3 will work. From Revit 2020 in the Dynamo build will be controlled by your Revit install.