Dynamo Geometry Error!

Hi All!!!

I am facing a weird error in Geometry.Rotate error, Not only in this I have encountered this on some other nodes as well (Geometry.Translate) etc…

As you can see in the image, I am giving polycurves with 4 curves before rotating, but after rotating it is changing to PolyCurve with 2 curves leaving 2 curves behind. why is it so is it a bug or some thing I have done wrong. because faced this already with translate as well (forget to take screenshots).

I am using Revit 2023 and dynamo version as below

Can you post a simple dyn that can reproduce the issue?

Yes @jacob.small sure will do that
and another issue I face is with Geometry.DoesIntersect Node. Eventhough the three curves i am indicating is intersecting with the restricted Geometry. The 3 curves are not showing up inintersection. Kindly let me know what should i do in that

Did you change geometry scaling away from medium?

Yes it is Extra large always

Move it back to medium and both issues should be resolved. Just ignore the geometry scaling warning, or change you units (m from mm), or base geometry point (from state coordinate plane to a point on site).

Large geometry scaling settings will discard any data less that 0, moving your points atop each other when rotating so polycurves lose segments and elevations change so things don’t intersect. To large from medium mostly means display and view navigation will suffer.

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Thank you so so much @jacob.small now it is working how relaxed I am feeling right now…

But warning message alone I am getting :grinning:

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Hey @jacob.small, this settings applies to computation only to dynamo geometry or to Revit geometry as well. Because I am trying to do the intersection check with Element.IntersectsSolid Node in Bimorph Package and wanted to know the same is applied on that as well. so that I can change my graphs accordingly. Thanks in advance.

Dynamo side. But… If the solid on the Dynamo side is generated without the trailing decimal precision, then when it is transferred to Revit it will be off by that same lack of decimal precision.

If memory serves (though I could be wrong), working in Meters or Feet in Revit should work on medium scaling so long as you are always working Revit’s limit of 22 miles from the origin to the geometry. If you are in millimeters (why?!?!?!) then you can run into warnings around exceeding the upper limit, but as noted before these can be ignored.

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Thank you @jacob.small

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