Organic Geometry With Dynamo


I am new to Dynamo and was wondering if I can get help getting started.
I want to create something like this using Dynamo.

Thank you in advanced!

I’d say it’s doable but it’s definitely not one of Dynamo’s strengths:


Thank you for your response. I tried replicating your work, but I seem to be getting error messages from Geometry.Split.
Did I do something wrong?

Try: set working range settings to large

Seems like the split operation is failing. Could you hover over the error bubble and preview the error?

Yes it says “Warning: Geometry.Split operation failed. Unable to create non regular subtraction boolean : EDGECOIN_PROBLEM – system inconsistency processing edge coincidence”

@Nico_Stegeman where can I alter the working range settings?

UPDATE: figured it out: I was using the wrong Curve.Extrude
However my geometry looks very different from yours @Dimitar_Venkov
Is this a Lacing problem?

the last step would be to enable cross-lacing for the PointAtParameter node - right-click it > Lacing > Cross

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Settings - geometry working range

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Thank you both!
I hope to show my work here and get more feedback from the community!

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Youre welcome If a comment solved your problem, mark it as solution (and maybe leave a like here and there).