Reporting to User at the end of Dynamo Player Script

I am trying to create some form of “audit” script that I want users to run from the Dynamo Player. The script checks for groups that have elements excluded and saves a list of element IDs into a csv file on the users desktop.

What I would like however is that the user sees a message (in one form or the other) of how many groups have the problem and their names, plus a message telling them about the log file on their desktop. I have three watch nodes at the end of the script (see image) that provide that information, but what would be the easiest way to display that to the user? Is there a possibility to show it after the script ran in the actual Dynamo Player window (it kind of does when the script “runs with errors”)?


Your help is as always very much appreciated. Thanks.

Right click on those Watch Nodes and set them as Is Output. They will show up in the Dynamo Player then.

Alternatively take a look at the UI nodes in the great Data-Shapes Package.

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@Bjorn_Keulemans1, thanks a lot.

It’s probably 1 or 2 years that I used Data Shapes the last time and I am not sure if I remember it all. I was hoping that a simpler solution would be possible.

The thing is that I have set the Watch Nodes to “Is Output” but Dynamo Player doesn’t show them. I wonder whether the Player closes to quickly?

Data-Shapes is the way to go. It’s probably gotten easier since you last used it and (I think) it’s the best method for user inputs and outputs.

Go the DS route, it gives you great results.

Regarding the player, I’ve found to teach people to go to the inputs first (small symbol next to the Play button), check the inputs and then press Play. The Outputs should be visible there.

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Thanks. I actually went with a little Python Script I found on the forum. Since I only want to display a message (string), I felt that was more “elegant”.

Preferred solution:

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