Dynamo Player Input Order

Is there a logic behind the order of inputs in a script when using Dynamo Player? As far as I can tell they are listed in the order they are created. This does not work when a script requires rewriting a portion of the script at the beginning or middle of the script. I understand Dynamo Player is in its infancy but if I’m missing something and there is the ability to change the order of inputs that would be great!

Can you give an example of what you mean by this?

Hi, you can use the input.wait node from #springnodes to force run order in a player script. This has been working for me for a long time.

Thanks @Ewan_Opie. I have the latest (121.0.1) version of #springnodes and it does not seem to have the input.wait node. Is it in an earlier version for whatever reason?

He removed it because clockwork has one. It is called “pass through”

I have previously used a codeblock to force dynamo to wait for both inputs prior to proceeding.


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can you give an example of passthrough node to organise dynamo player inputs? I tried but I don’t see the difference. Thanks

Dynamo player inputs are based on the order they are added to the graph. First being on top and last on bottom. If you need to reorder them, you can just copy and paste your input nodes into the graph in the order you want them.


I’ll add that if you hold down shift you can remove the output from the previous node and drag it into the newly pasted one.


yes, it works just like that, thanks