How to finish node/Script then start the other one?

I have two separate nodes, how can I Run first one (Element.Delete) and after finish/complete the node start the second node (SaveAs)?

I want to delete element and the save the file as shown below:

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Hi, there should be some useful information discussed here. Dynamo Player Input Order


Take a look at the transaction.start and transaction.end nodes


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This is a good case of where you should possibly split this up into two scripts because the saving may be useful elsewhere.

Back on to your question; there is a wait for node that will only push the code block information out after it has got both sets of information into it. I cannot remember what package it is from, but it uses the premise that a python node will not run until it has all information in so you just use a python node as a direct in and out.

Or you do something as per the link given about at the very last post(Dynamo Player Input Order)

Away from my computer, but I’ve used something like this in the past in a code block.

  1. Build a list.
  2. Get the item off the list.

Getting the item requires waiting for the list to have been built, so you have to wait for the other process to output.


Same here. That’s how Clockwork’s Passthrough works.

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