2018.1 user input ordering (Dynamo Player)

The new feature to “Modify Inputs” of a script in the Dynamo Player without opening dynamo will list in the dynamo player UI all the things it detects in your script as an input. This works great but how do you put the inputs in an order on the dynamo player UI. They seem to come in randomly or maybe the order they are created or something… does anyone know how to control this order?

Sort inputs Dynamo player

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I believe that the order is equal to the order they are created, just like custom nodes. Copy and paste them in the order you want them listed, then delete the old ones.

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I’ll give that a try today and let you know if that works.

I was just playing around with this, can indeed confirm it’s the order in which you created them as default.

But there is also an easy way to manipulate this, it turns out the Dynamo Player lists them in order it encounters them in the .dyn file.

Opening the .dyn in Notepad++ and cutting/pasting the Node definitions in different orders is working as well.


Worked for me. Would be great if they gave you a way to drag drop in dynamo player or chose an alphabetic sort for the names so you could just use a number prefix for your inputs. Thanks for your help!

How do you add the inputs?

Only certain nodes are visible as inputs. For instance a number node, number slider node, string node… If you right click on a node you placed it will say “is input” if it is able to be shown on the modify button in Dynamo player.

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Thank you for the response. Where is the “modify” button in dynamo player?

Is this feature only in 2018?

@Pierre_Roberson, this feature is only available in Revit 2018.1 (http://blogs.autodesk.com/revit/2017/07/12/revit-2018-1-update-now-available/)