Dynamo Player for Revit - Input Adjustments

After removing the bindings section and running my routine, the bindings are added back in. Then when I run it again on the next room, the contents from previous run and room delete again. Would really like to make this work but totally in the dark on where to go next. Thanks for the post!

Remove them once and run the graph only via Dynamo Player and the issue should be resolved.

Part of the graph requires manual selection of a room object. The dynamo player doesn’t seem to be allowing for this. image

Here’s the graph but not expecting you to make it work for me.


The ‘Select Model Element’ node you needs to be made an input in Dynamo, and then use the button here to adjust the selection in Dynamo Player.


You can also use the Datashapes package to generate a UI that automatically triggers without requiring the users hit the adjust inputs button.

I’ve also moved this to a new topic as it’s rather specific to your case and not related to the ‘share’ intention of the original post.

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regardless of whether I make the room selection first, before selecting input button in player or after, I get the same message. If I select player input button first, I get error messages, syserr

Ideally, I’d like to remove the manual selection of room and rather have it loop through all the placed rooms, place contents like it does now, then be done.

I’m very much a beginner with Dynamo but have VB programming experience from long time ago. Learning again.

Try to record a screencast so I can see what/where the issue is. Opening Dynamo after the ‘error’ message pops up may be required to really get to the bottom of the situation. You could also use the ‘dumb’ version of leveraging player like so:

  1. Open the graph
  2. Run the graph,
  3. Close the graph (without saving)
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed for all rooms (never saving the dynamo graph)

Looking into ways to process all rooms at once is likely the best method though. Lacing and list levels will likely be required - look into the lists section of the Dynamo Primer.

Here is the error message I get. Then the player locks up and I have to use task manager to close.

I’ll try looking at lists more closely to see if I can get all the rooms populated in one shot. That was original intent but I started using the selection node for testing the content placement. I guess now that I’m done with that I need the full gamut of rooms.

by the way, thanks for all the responses and help. greatly appreciated!

Does player allow for edits or runs of any Dynamo graph?

@Michael_Kirschner2, does this look familiar to you?

after testing several samples that installed with Dynamo, no, it doesn’t appear to allow any input. Do you think I should try reinstalling?

update: after reinstalling Dynamo 2.0.2 the crashing has stopped. although instead of crashing I now get message that “no inputs to edit” even though there’s a “select model element” node up front in the graph.

You need to mark it as an input. Right click the node body and check the ‘is input’ value.

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