Unpredictable behaviour - Input nodes

I have a rather annoying issue with the DynamoPlayer. I designated two inputs as you can see and my module is saved with nothing selected (with orange warning). After exiting Dynamo and saving the Revit file when I run the module direct from the player, it doesn’t come up with edit inputs, but runs through with an earlier set of values I saved with four versions ago! Additionally, if I press the “black cupboard” icon edit inputs, select and enter a values and press play, Dynamo goes ahead and ignores these inputs and executes with the long forgotten defaults…


Please show us youre graph
Wich version of revit and dynamo are you using?

image Ok, this has to do with running the same script over and over the existing open Revit file. If tested on a fresh file it works fine, but makes testing a pain.

I’ve managed to recreate the problem with a simpler script. Attached with test file.
Using Dynamo 2 Revit 2018.3Detail tag test 1.dyn (63.2 KB)
Detail item tag test 1.rvt (2.3 MB)

Input elements are on view “Level 0”

The spacing is clearly 1000 but they come out @ 500 I did the first test with…

FYI @Bzz