Reload Pick Model Elements

So my script make floors from rooms, i can set the floor type, level and height above level… by picking the rooms, that works great.
BUT, i have to close the dynamo file and reopen it to use it again with other rooms, because i can’t make a new selection…

tried boolean, but that delets the floor from before…so not an option or i used it wrong…

anyone has a solution for that? :smiley:

This is element binding. Clear your bindings and try using Dynamo Player to circumvent the issue.

So that means there is no better solution other then reopen the dynamo file :smiley:

Read about element binding and this obviously sucks. Dynamo Player is not an option for me, because i want to be able to change the settings and dont want to have dozens of dynamo files for that…

There is really no way to unbind all after the execution of the graph?

Dynamo Player is capable of changing settings. What kind of changes you want?

The following thread contains 2 things that could be helpful also:

  1. More info on Element Binding. AU class by @JacobSmall

  2. Grant Revit the ownership of elements.

Well my dynamo player says that there are no settings to change, but i obviously can change them in the graph…were is the fault there?

Set the parts which need to change to have ‘is input’ status.


There is, if you create the floors for all rooms at once.
You can create a list of selected rooms (by selecting multiple elements or other methods of short listing based on outlined criteria)
As shown in the graph below, you could prepare a list of rooms, levels and floor types and create them at once.

RoomFloor.dyn (38.3 KB)
Hope this works for you.

Also a good approach, but that was exactly what i didn’t want :smiley:
Had this in some way before, but that “workflow” wasn accapted by my boss.

@JacobSmall the tip with as input and the use of dynamo player is the way for us, thank you!

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