Dynamo Player Error Reporting

Is there any way to report errors when running a graph in Dynamo Player? When running directly from Dynamo I can see the yellow warning icons and figure out why there is an issue. If I run a graph from the player, it will report that there are issues, but opening the graph post-run effectively resets it, requiring a second run.

I’m thinking the new package from DesignTech (@solamour) could have some nodes to help with this. Although at first, it isn’t really doing what I want yet. :slight_smile:

The idea would be to find out what nodes are erroring out and output those to a watch node as a string.

Another option, for now, would be to monitor select important nodes for null and output that. (Way more effort though)

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Ok, so red is error state and not yellow. I bet there is a way to track for yellow though. @solamour? I bet we could add a node for “IsInWarningState”.




This should work…

I will upload an updated package shortly

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any update? did it get depreciated ?