Can i Create a plugin which just opens a .dyn file in dynamo and presses run in dynamo?

i am no expert in visual studio, but i want a plugin which runs my .dyn file in dynamo, is it possible?

for example i made a node combination in .dyn which extracts certain type of walls from a model. my customer doesn’t know dynamo, so he just wants to press a button in revit which automatically opens that .dyn file in dynamo and runs it giving him those extracted wall as a result.

a step by step explained answer will be appreciated because i don’t know visual studio much.


Without visual Studio, you can use Dynamo Player, DynoBrowser or Orkestra.
DynoBrowser and Orkestra use buttons to launch the dynamo graphs.


That would be great. let me watch some tutorials and i will get back to you if needed.
thankyou so much! :heart_eyes:

hello, DynoBrowser seems a good way to create buttons, but my question is can we share those buttons with someone who doesn’t have DynoBrowser in his Revit? and would these buttons run in different versions of Revit?

Dynamo Player is definitely the way to go. It comes with Revit, requires no other installs (just access to the files you want to run), and functions much better in terms of operability and custom inputs.


yes i guess it is the right thing. but my customer wants a separate button saying “project name” and whatever it does, opens dynamo player or dynamo, just runs the .dyn files to the project.
so i am looking for a visual studio code that just runs dynamo player for me, and runs it.

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Hey @uaftab.cem19 and @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

Have a look to Nonica!

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