Dynamo scripts as button


I will hear if there is a possibility to make a button there run a dynamo scripts, indsted of the dynamo player??


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If your looking for a button, then you’ll need an Add-In.

But it won’t be Dynamo, but programming directly in the API of Revit.

Is it possible to make a shortcut to a certain script??
So i dont have to open the dynamo player, or is a button trough the API the only possibility??

Hey Sean
Is it possible to convert a dynamo script to a button?
As you maybe have figured out, have i never used revit API before, and i will say, i hoped that i could avoid it.

If you want to user Dynamo without opening Dynamo, the only option will be the Dynamo Player. If you just want “buttons” in Revit, you would need to develop and Add-in for the API.

Is there a reason you don’t want to use Dynamo Player?

It’s because some of the more simplified scripts i use daily, would be nice to have with a shortcut.
And the only way i know i can do that, it with buttons.

have a look here: http://prorubim.com/en/tools/dyno/

its possible. its like Dynamo player but with buttons on the revit ribbon

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Well that is exactly what the Dynamo Player is for, but in short, like I have already stated, you won’t get a button unless you utilize the API for an add-in or some other means like a third party…

As @Schasfoortyoeri mentioned ahead of me… Thanks for the heads up, that looks like a very interesting software.

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Thanks for the replies, i will look into revit API.

@SeanP @1065553 maybe this picture will help you figure out how to setup:

Also see this video at 04:00 minutes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ry6iSQ97yc

When you try to download the software from the website you need to put it in your “cart”. (it wont cost anything)


Have a look at Nonica.io !

Drag and drop your Dynamo Scripts into Nonica folder to easily integrate them into your Revit toolbar.

Just released Beta Edition to integrate 3 Dynamo Scripts into your Revit toolbar.