Lofting (Origami Form)

Hello all,

I have an issue that has me stumped.

I’m trying to loft a kind of ‘Origami’ surface in Dynamo - effectively a hyperbolic parabolaloid made up of zigzags.

Individually, each of these lofts work, as shown by the slider, but when I try to run through a list it fails. I have no idea why.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the matter?

Hi Sol,

Try joining each chain of curves into a polycurve and lofting the two PCs together.

Hey Dimitar, Tried that also - no luck. Hence me breaking it down to see which particular ‘one’ broke - but none appear to. So it works singularly, but fails as a group. I even tried having the nexus ‘not’ join (As in - if the points contain the same XYZ it may have failed) but it doesn’t on the singular version. I’ll keep having a play and see where I get but any other suggestions would rock!

Well if the individual segments work, you could always run them through a “List.LaceShortest” (or a List.Combine if the two lists are the same length) and then join the product into a poly-surface.

Also, could you try joining the curves with “Surface.ByRuledLoft”, that way you’ll end up with a faceted loft, but it might work better for your “origami” :slight_smile:

Hey good shout. I’ll have a crack at those. Thanks!

All of those come back with the ‘watch’ field of the nodes populated with ‘null’. Odd.

Dohh, my bad. Lofting has only one input, not two. I forgot about that. If you don’t mind sharing the file, I can give it a go on my end.

Do you have a personal email? I’ve tried adding a .zip file into the forum but it won’t upload.

If you’re not comfortable putting your email up on here contact me via Twitter :slight_smile:

Transpose to create sub lists that have two curve segments (one from each of the two profiles) and then loft. I think it should work.

Ah I’m a muppet. That worked - thanks Vikram!

About two years ago, in trying to find a solution to this problem I ended up exploring recursion and created a recursive custom node that I called ‘Sequential Loft’.

Not sure if recursion and that node works anymore.

Besides, I realized that some list management and lacing does the trick. No need for complex concepts :slight_smile: