Dynamo not responding to text input

Recently I am noticing a odd event. I dont know what is causing it but it is really strange, annoying, and makes dynamo difficult to use. I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences or could perhaps point out what my problem is.

Note: Recently I have been making much larger dynamo files, so I dont know if that is the cause or not but the problem seems to occur intermittently…

The problem is this:

Whenever I right click on the screen to search for a node, I cannot type in more than one letter at a time, and even then it takes a long time like ~1min for that 1 letter to register. if I type in more than one letter at a time my computer will “ding” which means it is not recording any of my key strokes. Similarly (although it works a little better and faster) in the library browser on the left, when I type in letters, it seems that dynamo is switching between revit and dynamo so fast and for no reason that I cant see it doing this. I know it is doing this because sometimes I will get revit command windows to popup when I never actually left dynamo. Like it is taking what I am typing into the library browser, and thinking that I am typing keyboard shortcuts into Revit. So what gives? This cant be right.

So is this an IT issue? Like maybe the server that my packages are on is just super old, full, or slow? But if so then why didnt I see a problem with this before?

Is this a function of some sort super-invasive antivirus or IT scanning software of some kind?

Any idea how to speed this up?


Where are your packages inatalled? If they are on a network drive with a large overall drive size (ie: stored on the 100tb S drive with other cad standards) you should consider partitioning to a smaller drive size.

Well actually, I installed my packages to my C:/ Drive on my Virtual Machine. Should I move them back to the server?

Virtual machine could be the issue - has any part of your setup changed recently?

Is it just as slow with a new graph and a new Revit instance (ie start Revit fresh, new model, start dynamo, new dynamo graph).

No, It feels like its fine until I run the graph. then its impossible after that.

Are you running out of ram available?

Today it seemed like that yes. Does dynamo constantly dump more and more onto the ram? Like the more I use it, the more it dumps on there?

The results of every node have to be stored somewhere, and that is the ram or a scratch disk. Things which can help with this:

  • Build with a simple data set
  • Don’t use automatic run mode
  • Restarting periodically
  • Running via dynamo player
  • Reducing the data set
  • Removing complex calculations in favor of simpler ones
  • Minimizing the number of nodes
  • Performing ‘inline functions’ instead of sequential functions
  • Combining complex sequential operations into custom nodes
  • Converting to design script or python
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