Dynamo not responding

Hello all,
I have been continually running into the dynamo wall where it wont let me type anything into my script. It generally only happens on large scripts, but what doesnt make sense to me is all I am doing is typing in the search bar, so why does it take 2+ minutes just to type in the letter “a” into the search bar or on the right click screen on the graph? Also, even more perplexing is that this problem occurs even in all of the nodes are frozen but four or five nodes. See below. Also, I notice that this seems to happen only after the script has been run once, or more times. Seems like an odd defect. Is this a known issue? or is there anyway around this? please advise.

Are you in automatic mode? If so, switch out to manual as a start. Then clear out any old element bindings before you reopen the graph. Even if nodes are frozen, element bindings still need review and this can be very time consuming.

I already have it set to start in manual mode. And when I close and reopen dynamo, doesnt that clear out any old element bindings anyways or are you thinking of a different setting? These nodes were frozen before I even ran the graph so there shouldnt have been any element bindings at all, save for these few nodes…?

Best you fish this one out (at least per way) on your own:

  1. Make a new project with nothing in it.
  2. Make a new dynamo graph which would create a wall, save the graph but do not run it.
  3. Do a save as immediately after saving, then run the graph. The only thing that should have changed is the fact that you ran the graph. Save the dynamo file and close Revit and Dynamo.
  4. Go to your file browser and check the file size for the ‘before run’ file and the ‘after run’ file.
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