Dynamo acting weird

Hello, i recently did a new install of all my dynamo packages on a new computer. I downloaded all the ones i could remember, from the search for packages feature in dynamo then copied all the ones I couldnt remember en masse from my old computer. So some of them were over written and some are not. and my dependencies might be messed up from what I can tell. But for some reason, the delete button no longer deletes my nodes, so I have to right click on it and hit remove. Which is the first weird thing. Then, when I am typing or something in dynamo, I will notice revit starting to ding or something, like my commands are somehow being sent to revit. Which I have actually noticed this sort of thing before, but never said anything about it to anyone. And the last weird thing is dynamo is not re-recognizing my custom nodes package that I made when I but it in the right folder and everything and even added it via the package paths to folder feature. Which I checked and looks fine, but every single time i open dynamo i have to re add that package back manually and I dont get it. Please advise. Thanks

revit 2019.0 has a bug where hotkeys did not function in Addins - thats sounds like at least once of the issues. What version of revit are you on on the new computer?

i am on revit 2019. what hotkeys are u talking about? I am not using any that I know of. You mean the delete button?

Issue 1 and 2: Any keyboard shortcut is a hot key. The commands ARE being sent to Revit, so anything you type could begin a command (fortunately its nearly impossible to cause an issue no matter how much you type, as a single Revit command needs selection and such. Update to the latest Revit version and the issue should resolve itself.

Issue 3: Be sure all packages in your definitions folder are written for 2.0 format, and that you don’t have multiple of the same node or package in varying locations.

I appears from the autodesk desktop app that there are no new updates to Revit. Do you know which version you are speaking of specifically? If so do you think you could provide a download link? Other than that I should be up to date. For issue 3: I am still running 1.3 do I have to run 2.0 in Revit 2019 for some reason? Thanks

FWIW, that source isn’t very reliable and something I tell my customers to avoid.


Actual source for downloads varies by your licensing so you’ll have to go through the normal support channels for that unfortunately.

If you’re on 1.3 I haven’t seen that particular behavior reproduce. Confirm you have only one path to the data source and no duplicate names elsewhere, and then see what happens after the upgrade. if it still happens check the console and logs for errors.