Dynamo not opening

Has anyone had this issue with trying to use Dynamo?
I select it, and the Dynamo screen does not pop up. But it thinks it has. (See picture) I can select Player and it does pop up and will run the scripts, but I need to change them all to work properly.
I have restarted my computer (many times), done a clean up, played with the resolution and changed my computer to 1 screen only (in case it was hidden)
It worked about 2 months ago, but the other week decided to do this…

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @KCurtisNFG93,
Yes, happened to me, I had to select the white window, then press Alt+Space and then choose Expand (or something like that) in the menu that shows up. Then Dynamo opens :slight_smile:
In my case this was due to the fact that I use multiple screens and I switch from one screen to another, or to single screen, and Dynamo doesn’t like that…
Hope this helps!?

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