Dynamo not opening (Revit not responding)

When i try to open dynamo it shows this screen. Revit not responding.
It cant go any further. What could be the reason for that. I checked online but didnt found any solution.

It only happens when i open dynamo. Else Revit works fine. Any Solution Please?

My thoughts:
Dynamo has opened but is not visible because the window has been moved of the Desktop
can you check if it is running (task manager)

After half an hour dynamo is opened. Even if i place a node in the dynamo it says not responding and after 1 2 minutes it places only one node. Yesterday i worked it was very okay. From today its behaving like this. Its very very slow. I dont know what could be the reason for that.

Hi @Ammad what version of Revit is this?
Can you share the dynamo log?