Revit Preview not linked to Dynamo Preview

Hi there,
I’m an old grasshopper user but a new dynamo user.
Just trying to create some new ref-points within dynamo, and I can see those points in the dynamo preview screen but in the revit conceptual model environment the reference point sticks in the centre and does not update as per the dynamo preview, no matter what x,y,z settings I change in dynamo.
What happened and how can i resolve this? Thanks.

Hi there, I did some further test, say I tried to draw a ref line in between 2 ref points, but the result is, in the dynamo preview panel, I can only see the points but no lines, and of course for the revit preview, same problem, both points are stuck at 0,0,0, and the line is at zero length. Anyone knows what’s the problem? It’s really frustrating.

Difficult to understand your issue in the absence of files and/or screenshots.

Is this how you’re creating the Reference Points?..

Note: The above suggestions are relevant provided the Conceptual Family file is the base.

Hi Vikram,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is exactly what I did to create the points / lines. But the 2 ref points stuck at the 0,0,0 position of the conceptual family (no matter what x,y number inputs in dynamo), however I can clearly see the 2 ref points are at their correct positions in the dynamo viewport. For the line, in the conceptual family, as the 2 points are overlapped at 0,0,0, therefore the line is at zero length, and the most weird thing now is I can’t even see that line in the dynamo viewport.

Do you know is there anything wrong with my revit settings/dynamo settings? I’m using the latest revit 2019 and dynamo 2.01.

Many thanks.

Hi Vikram,
You can disregard my previous reply now, I figured it out is that the two points are too close, as they are only 100mm apart, I saw your units, you put 3000, then I realised the two points must be too close so I can’t see they are actually separated in the conceptual mass family.

But now a final question, is with the ref line that I created between the two points, I can only see the ref line in the conceptual mass family but I can’t see the line in the dynamo viewport. Is there any settings wrong for the dynamo?

Many thanks.

Oh, got it. Thanks a lot for your reply. Fantastic, I’m getting on board now.
Found myself like the first time learning Grasshopper back in 8 years.

Thanks man, great help !

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