How Does Dynamo Display A Point In Revit?

How does Dynamo actually display it’s DS Points in Revit views? I’ve noticed that if you create a point by coordinates, or create a point in python and covert it to DS, then the point will display not only in the dynamo workspace but also in revit, both in plan views and 3d views. I’m wondering what Revit API methods Dynamo is using to accomplish this or if someone could point me to the class / code that’s doing this?

I’d like to be able to do the same thing when debugging Revit add-in development but I’m pretty new to all this and not even sure where to start looking in the Dynamo source code.

Forgot to paste an image of what I’m talking about:

So what API methods does dynamo use to actually display that blue dot in the model? I’ve been digging and searching through the dynamo code and snooping through the revit database to try and figure it out but cannot find anything.