Dynamo Installing

Is it just me or is it impossible to install this software sometimes?

We had a user install 1.3 by accident but everyone else is on 1.2.1. Long story short, but not all the packages work on 1.3 so we completely uninstalled 1.3, Dynamo Studio 2017 and re-installed 1.2.1 for both Revit and Studio.
Neither work now, but somehow, Studio 2016 installed just fine after we gave up on 2017. We can’t just keep rolling with version 0.9 for one user.

Did you uninstall Dynamo core?

Its not my computer but I will ask them. I think its been uninstalled as a software, not the core, but now it says:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed."
So I’m wondering if we delete out the entire folder structure and reboot and re-install from scratch again.

I remember I had to do this when 1.0 to 1.1 came out. Lots of people had that issue but this is slightly different.

@rcameron So what is the state of your machine now? Can you put some screen captures of following things, so that w can get the exact state of your computer?

  • Image of your Control Panel (Program and Features), show me the version of Autodesk Dynamo Studio, DynamoCore, DynamoRevit.
  • Image of your folders at following location c:\Program Files\Dynamo\DynamoCore\ and …\DynamoRevit


Yeah, its not my computer. We’re just going to do what this old post did.