Dynamo Graph Won't Open


Is anyone able to fix my Dynamo Graph attached…? It won’t open for me.

I’m using the latest released version of Dynamo and Revit 2019.


Using Revit 2018 and Dynamo 2.0.1. Works fine for me :slight_smile:

Which version of Dynamo was this graph developped on ? And which one are you currently on ?

I’m using Dynamo Core and Dynamo Revit

Also, Revit 2019.1…

I think the Image Preview might be messing me around - even though it’s not an important part of the Graph…

Works fine for me too.
Have you tried to reinstall Dynamo ? :slight_smile:

True, that might be a solution :slight_smile:
Also, maybe restart your machine ? Or look for a backup file ?

I’ve restarted ,y computer without any luck. I’ve run a repair on Revit and have uninstalled Dynamo. I’m now trying to download Dynamo but it says it will take a few hours - even though the file is only 215mb…

If I need to rebuild the Graph it would be a life saver if someone could kindly attach some screenshots of it…

Have you tried checking the backup folder ?

Here it is :slight_smile:

Thanks! There isn’t a backup version - I pretty much built the graph today…

@Ben_Veasey can you post a screenshot of your help -> about for both Revit and Dynamo so I can review the dyn against that version info?

Hi Jacob

I am downloading Dynamo now since I have uninstalled it (something is wrong with Autodesk’s servers since it is reporting that the download will take a few hours despite it being a small file).

From my earlier post I am using Dynamo Core and Dynamo Revit

Just wanted to re-order the graph and upload, as it might be easier to recreate then:


@Jonathon.Oleson Thanks, that was a good resolution and it printed clearly (2m long!).

Thank you everybody for your help on this. The problem was the LunchBox package. I uninstalled this then the graph opened fine.

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