Revit model import into Dynamo?

New to Dynamo; so sorry if this is a dumb question. But can a complex Revit model that is created in Revit be exported or live linked into dynamo in order to get some of the modification tools dynamo has. I would like to import a Revit model that is built several times with varying changes into Dynamo in order to more quickly adjust the information and change the Revit model.


Yes. but once it’s there what do you want to do with it?

Dynamo can read revit geometry natively using it as an add in to revit. The hard part will be pushing it back into Revit as Dynamo can do some things revit can’t and vice versa. Want to adjust the form of that wall so it’s curvilinear and warping in section? Well for dynamo it’s easy. For Revit it’s not.

Helps to post more specific questions about a specific instance, where you’ve attempted something on your own first.

Its an Agriculture building with lots of pieces and potential for changes.
Currently it isn’t designed to be modified in Revit as far as adjusting the buildings length/ width/ height etc.
Some time of manually moving pieces is required. It would be nice to program the movement with Dynamo’s tools and readjust the Revit model accordingly. Hope that clarifies the idea we have.

Sounds similar to this parametric parking garage:

The dynamo graph can be reused in revit, formit and fractal.

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