Exporting Revit model to Dynamo to Excel and Vice-Versa

Is it possiable to Export Revit model in to Dynamo and Dynamo to Excel with total geometry and i have to use Geometry excel using dynamo to create new Revit model,but not doing manual work in Revit

Not really. Do you need an exact same copy of a model?

No sir
I want to create New Geometry model by editing values in Excel.Can you please suggest whether it will be possible or not…

You can modify parameters that drive geometry using values from excel. But geometry itself cannot be “saved” in an excel spreadsheet.
So if your geometry is parametric, you can potentially update/modify it from excel. There are a lot of topics about it :slight_smile:

So probably this concept will not work for system families in Revit
It will be use for Parametric families in Revit