Dynamo geometry in Revit 2017

Hi all, my journey continues…

I have this simple pile cap and pile group and I am looking to link with Revit, (Import) as a solid.

When I try both the core nodes and spring nodes I get geometry imported just not what I expected.

My particular workflow is using dynamo to generate the critical structural geometry with the model being further developed in Revit by someone that knows what they are on about.

Pier_typ.dyn (8.0 KB)



Hi @Kenyon_Graham

You where almost there you need to join all your solids and then transfer it to Revit.

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Thanks Kulkul,

I seem to be unable to load the dynamo geometry in Revit 2017

Pile_group.dyn (19.5 KB)

Definition is a little leaner.

Should I create a conceptual massing model and then load it into the project.



Issue arose due to revit model units in mm and the Dynamo model being interpretated in metres.

Easy fix, changed Dynamo to mm

Alternative… change Revit units, more awkward depending on template used