Issues Creating Solid Geometry

I’m currently trying to create what I thought was two pretty simple solids. Unfortunately Dynamo is not cooperating. I am trying to create one from connected surfaces and the other with a Solid.ByLoft. I can only upload one image and my file is a bit of a mess but I’ve attached a link anyway.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Dynamo File:
Other Image:

I managed to find an inconvenient workaround but I’m still curious to find the issue

Can you post a camera export (camera button in the upper left corner of the dynamo workspace). This will help people who are trying to help know where things are coming from.

I was going to, but the image doesn’t display any of the node titles, that’s why I included the file.
Here it is anyway if it helps.

If you zoom in to where you can read the nodes, then click the camera, it will capture the entire graph at the zoom level, not just what you see. Try it out and post it.

Thanks, I’ve been wondering how that worked.

Frankly I have no idea why the loft works for a Surface but not for a Solid… Best I can tell, the geometry is valid. Even with guideCurves it refuses. Very strange.
That said, I think you pretty much had the solution already? I just cleaned up what you had in the first post a bit. I’ve in the recent past also had more luck with lofting (a lot of complicated) surfaces and then, if needed, making a solid from those.

Thanks for your help, I’m don’t really understand why its not working but at least I can work with what I’ve got.