Dynamo for revit unit have difference?

I want to ask dynamo enter in “code block” 1…100…2 ,
dynamo 2 distance in revit is 2cm ?

Would like to ask how to get them to enter the same distance?
many thanks.

Dynamo is unitless and when imported, the dimensions depend on the Length unit setting in Revit.

The length unit in your Revit file is mostly cm. If you change the length setting to meters and import then it will be 2m


Why [1] x not = -1192.125+180 =1012.125 Start from that place errors. Try many methods ex.unit conversion…cannot be I don’t know,whether Curve.PointAtParameter use errors? (Known final distance and distances want to get point into components) many thanks. 未命名

If I understand your intent correctly, you aren’t using the correct node. Try this…

You could use the Curve.PointAtParameter node too, but the parameter values should be between 0 and 1

Many thanks


problem solved :slight_smile: