Revit Drafting Unit different unit from dynamo unit


I been writing my own methods to output revit geometry. However, the unit registered in dynamo is different from my revit drafting view unit. In particular, one dynamo unit = 304.8 unit in revit. my drafting view is current set at view scale 1:10. An example of the script is:


In reality, the output for sizing for gap and linelength in revit is 304.8. Does anyone have any idea where this discrepancy might be.

@chau.nguyen92 You probably work in mm. Revit internal units are feet. You need to convert between units.

Got it! thank you!

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Hi I’m working with metric unit system,
Any way to convert the revit internal unit to mm? At every value converting feet to mm is frustating.

We cannot change Revit’s internal units, as that is how the entire program is set up. You will have to convert.

Welcome to the unique hell that is working with Revit. :roll_eyes:

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Just wondering , How the unit system is different for different parameters.

Like If I want getparameter value of Offset or Elevation, It is giving in mm
But for diameter, I’m getting value in feets

It depends on how you are obtaining the values but if you are going off of the parameter class through API, there is the method .AsValueString() which will give you the value in your project units. It doesn’t work this way when setting values through API but it might help.