Dynamo for Revit 2021

New here. Dynamo version in Revit 2021 won’t work all of the sudden. It works for my co-worker, same version, same file path locations, nodes, etc.

My graph takes forever to open and then looks like this:

Any idea what is wrong?


I finally realized that Dynamo just won’t work at all in Revit 2021. It wasn’t just that particular file.

It’s almost certainly likely a conflicting add-in. Check to see if there are notes about the conflicts in your Dynamo console (Shift + up arrow in dynamo), Dynamo Log, or Revit Journal files (search for API error).

Alternatively you can disable ALL add-ins and see if that solves the issue. if so add them back in groups until you find the offending tool.


Thanks so much. I will check out the add-ins.

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The only conflict I had was with Rhythm, but I found the following post regarding the same issue I had:

All packages were re-downloaded and that resolved the issue, which is what I believe you meant by add-ins. Thanks so much!

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I thought by add-ins he was referring to stuff like Enscape and Lightstanza that are extensions inside Revit. These add-ins create their own buttons on the Revit toolbars. Sometimes these Revit additional tools cause problems for Dynamo which was itself an external add-in for Revit, but is now much more integrated into Revit.


Okay, I thought that’s what he was referring to at first, but then thought I misunderstood and that he meant packages. I only have a couple add-ins, and that’s never been a conflict with Dynamo. Thanks for explaining.

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I was referring to the Revit add-ins. That is usually an easier test than the packages issue, so I like to start there. Glad you are worked out though. :slight_smile:

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I very much appreciate the help!