Issue with Rhythm package 2020.9.8.0?

Ive disabled all addins for 2021 including “adsk” deployment addins. Getting this error. Not sure if its something on my end?

“While loading assembly RhythmRevit, Version=2020.9.8.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, Dynamo detected that the dependency AdWindows, Version=2018.11.1.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null was already loaded with an incompatiable version. It is likely that another Revit Addin has loaded this assembly, please try uninstalling other Addins, and starting Dynamo again. Dynamo may be unstable in this state.*
It is likely one of the following assemblies loaded the incompatible version:
*UIFrameworkInterop, UIFramework, UIFrameworkServices, AdApplicationFrame, FabricationPartBrowser, RevitAPIUI, Autodesk.Revit.CloudRendering.Application, ConnectedDesktopUI, ContentDelivery”

Try updating Revit 2021:

That error is largely ignorable. It simply means I build Rhythm towards the lower RevitAPI dlls than you are currently working in.

From a Revit developer point of view, I typically build a version of the Addin for each version of Revit. But with Dynamo, managing a version of Rhythm for every version of Revit is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you will ever see no errors in that Dynamo window because of the way it was built.

This was discussed a bit here,

Great! We are updating graphs and wanted to make sure this wasn’t going to bite us. Thanks for your great work John!

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For sure! Let me know if you do run into anything that seems odd as well. :slight_smile:

Also, Rhythm is on Github for anything beyond simple stuff on here,

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