Dynamo for Civil 3D development

I’ve opened a thread in the forum to gather feedbacks and provide guidance as needed, we didn’t have much time to write the documentation before AU.

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Silly question, I am refreshing this site since the end of AU, but where can I download the latest version?

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Thanks, for the update and explanation!


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Is there a smiley of me banging my head to a concrete wall? I forget to look there… I expected to find a setup here.

I’m off to search and install the toolkit :wave:


HI Paolo,

Amazing job!

one questions to all, the nodes for the pipe diameter it is not working for me… Do you have the same problem?



@enrique.sg thanks for reaching out what were you expecting to see instead?

I was expecting 300 mm or whatever the pipe diameter is

are you working in feet by any chance?

I am working in meters. Is it working for you?

Now is working for some reason!

Hi Paolo,

I am playing with the pipe networks nodes. it is really helpful.

I have not found the manning coeff for the pipes. Is there any way to get it automatically from the pipe in Civil3D?

Thanks in advance!



can you please move your posts here Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread

You can via the Part nodes but it is called ACMan

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Is anyone at autodesk looking to include nodes for creating samplelines and sectionviews from within dynamo?

I thought about how to do this and looked at alot of c# examples online but not really relevant to dynamo nodes.
this is the most relevant using c# which I am learning:
I wonder what is best way to implement this through dynamo?

Any feedback would be great.

Civil 3D Toolkit 1.0.9


hi, @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1
Why is my nodes so little?

@lebinhx3c2012 you need to install Dynamo for Civil 3D Beta 2

Thank you so much.

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Hi all, is there any reason why the Civil3DToolkit is not appearing in the dropdown menu, i have installed it, and it even show in the “manage Packages” but nothing shows in the dropmenu

@sweapon What version of Dynamo for Civil 3D are you using?