Civil3D, Revit connection through Dynamo


I want to connect Civil3D with Revit through Dynamo. I came upon a very useful Dynamo package called CivilConnection (and it’s twin CivilPython) which both offer these functionalities (link: On that link there is a workflow guide which is a guide to using the Autodesk Model Authoring process for linear structures that includes these two technology packages. On the last page of that guide there is a chapter called CivilConnection Nodes Quick Reference where it says that it is “UNDER REVIEW”. It should have had descriptions of all the nodes that CivilConnection offer but the link doesn’t work.

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get this quick reference with nodes descriptions and/or has anyone already made any Dynamo graphs using these nodes for interoperability between Civil3D and Revit.

Thank you.

FYI @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

Thank you!

@DomenS if you install the package you will find an XML file that is a good starting point for that.

Hello @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

thank you for your response. I was reading Linear Structures Workflow Guide. Did you make any case videos showing how to use CivilConnection when establishing bidirectional flow of information between Civil3D and Revit? I am interested in creating a dynamic and as automated as possible connection between Civil3D and Revit. Linear Structures Workflow Guide advises using solids with attached property sets to establish that.

Forgive me for my ignorance. I am still learning. :slight_smile:

Thank you!