Dynamo editor freeze

Hi, I don’t think I have found the same issue in the forum, but somehow for Revit 2020’s Dynamo editor keep freeze for 5-10 seconds every time I try to type keyword in search for nodes. Even browsing in the left panel library for nodes will freeze at every letter of keyword search.

If right-click to activate search and start typing for node keyword, it freeze at every letter as well.

I have uninstalled all the custom packages and launched to test.
It didn’t help.

Please let me know if anyone experience the same/ similar issues.
This behavior only applies to Revit 2020, Dynamo.

In other versions of Revit, Dynamo works fine. (2018,2019, 2021)

Please help. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much,

if it’s just that version of Revit, I would look for addins of Revit that are only installed in that Revit version, or settings in Revit 2020 that might be enabled only for that version, maybe some collaboration settings?

Thank you for your feedback.
For addins that would be different from other versions, they would be FormIt extension, Refinery for Generative Design…

would those cause it? Refinery maybe?

@fracTAL_MR, try Monocle extension! Search is instant.

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Thank you, @Vladimir. It works for me.

I finally realized using network drive was the causing issue. When I took off the network drive path from the managing custom package path, the freezing search node issue disappeared. It is strange, that it works fine with Revit 2019 Dynamo, but just Revit 2020 Dynamo 2.3 is having the issue.

Therefore, I decided to use local (C:) drive for custom packages. It loads faster and more stable now.

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This is the exact reason why we created a script that pushes packages from our network drive to everyone’s local drive.
It took me 10 minutes to launch dynamo and every search froze dynamo for a couple of seconds…

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