Dynamo Challenge 03: Wrong tool with Great Output

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Hello Dynamites! :wave:

We are super excited to introduce to you a series of Dynamo Challenges meant to inspire, to push boundaries, to explore lateral solutions and to grow your knowledge of Dynamo.

Do you like going way left field? Is brute force your thing? Do you like pushing the boundaries of what is possible? Do you like using the wrong tool for the right job, but somehow making it work?

Then look no further at our wrong tool, great output challenge where you show us how you use Dynamo to do something that may not have crossed the mind of others! We are looking for great outputs that use Dynamo in new, interesting and odd ways.

This challenge will run for almost two weeks, starting on Monday 8th August at 9am EST, running until Thursday 18th August at 5pm EST.


  1. Dynamo must be used in or part of your submission. :bar_chart:
  2. If you use a Dynamo graph, your .DYN file must be attached to your submission. :truck:
  3. If you use a Custom Package or Node in your submission, it must be hosted on Package Manager. Note: This may mean uploading a package! :package:
  4. This topic will be left open for discussion - use to your hearts content! Upon deadline of challenge, moderators will edit the post to introduce a community poll to select winners. :speech_balloon:
  5. We very much encourage wrong answers! Have fun with it. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

All submissions are blind via Direct Message to @solamour and @jacob.small with the Challenge as your title - this link will start a handy message template. Please include all relevant files to execute the graph and reproduce your result as well as a still image(s). :person_with_white_cane:


  1. 1st Place = “Dynamo Challenge Winner” forum badge :name_badge:
  2. 2nd Place = “Dynamo Challenge Runner-up” forum badge :name_badge:
  3. Both = Presented in print media at the Autodesk University 2022 Dynamo Party :partying_face: :tada:


We are super excited to see what all of you come up with and are here to cheerlead you on our journey to Dynamo Challenge greatness! :star_struck: :exploding_head: :nerd_face:


Hello World of Dynamo! As above, we have a new challenge entering onto the field! In this Challenge, we are curious what you can connect Dynamo to that does super cool things but maybe isn’t the first thing people think about :nerd_face: :star_struck:

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@solamour ,

I liked these posts ver much… i think it is not pointing the topic exactly

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My first thoughts on this were to ask Dynamo to add 1 + 2 … but then do it in a really stupid way.

Like draw some lines, put them together. Draw one going right 5… then joining to the top of the other one and using pythagoras to work out the length of the two lines to get your answer of 3.

So tan Θ * 5 = 3


But after reading the description I think it’s about making Dynamo do something it doesn’t normally… Not doing something in a totally contrived way :crazy_face:


This is where my mind wanders off to the paperless river dam project (was is in Norway?) @jostein_olsen
great example of thinking in solutions, (not in problems and work around them)
i think it was awesome!


Can totally be a previous and/or existing exploration to enter :smiley: Doesn’t have to be new!

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Thanks, i had a project in Oman, by all means (it was a snow theme park)
I had to do a bill of quantities to go with it.
That was where i thought of Tagging with Assembly codes which i had revised to represent the code of the item in the bill.
The architectural specifications also matched that code.
I learned that much from the Norway thing
They just didn’t like a drawing with codes, so it failed the test.

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I have the perfect example of this situation, I wanted to look for a script that would give me a list of the position of the pixels in the image before creating the image but I simply i don’t know almost nothing about programming so I didn’t find the right tool, so I improvised with a script from the community precisely a script from @Vikram_Subbaiah (Thanks a lot by the way amigo), i’ve used the Wrong tool with Great Output.


Remember to submit via the link above to the Challenge! :smiley:

Please do submit this one too @gilberto.arechigaiba! Super fun application of Dynamo’s “wrong usage” :wink:

@solamour ,

at my company i earned no applause for that …

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How about a klingon - english translator?

can you combine that with the “System.Speech”?




Now that would be hilarious!
If I knew how, I’d be tempted to program that into our work scripts so people get messages in Klingon. :laughing:


You could create a calculator in Dynamo:



My Dynamo logo went supernova, what’s left behind, you can’t see. :rofl:

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hello, remove automatic mode next time


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Make sure you submit into the contest @gilberto.arechigaiba :smiley: