Dynamo centering all the nodes and doesn't run anymore

Hi, I switched from dynamo files and suddenly my whole structure looks like it does in the image which can be seen below. The weird thing is that I have zero clue on how this came to existance. When I switched back to the file where I came from I had the same problem. (please note that its not just moving all the nodes to the center, it also removes the functionality.

Is there someone who can help me with this because I don’t look forward to rebuilding all my files.

Thanks in advance

Restarting my whole computer seems to work, I don’t know if this problem will occur again.

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@remco.dejong ,

i had this issue also when the script was “older”… sometimes i rebuilt it based on pics…

this is a script I made about 2 weeks ago, I don’t that is the issue.

What is weird is the fact that it also happend to other files that I opened while I was in that file.