All nodes become null after running and only work after i create them again from scratch

Hello everyone, I’m hoping someone can help me here.
I have a really wierd issue when running my former dynamos scripts.
I open the script, provide the inputs, and hit run but every node becomes null.
The only way I have found for the nodes to work again is to copy paste all nodes individually, provide inputs, and hit run again. This is obviously a very annoying thing to do cause it means that I have to create the whole script from scratch once again. This also doesn’t solve the problem long term because when I save dynamo, close, and then open again, it’s back to all nodes becoming null.
This doesn’t happen with all the scripts, it seems to be only happening with this one.

Has anyone had this issue before?
Any suggestions on what to do to solve this?


After hitting run:

After creating again the two nodes “Category” and “All Elements of Category” and running:

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@RitaAguiar Just testing, what if you freeze CurveElement.Curve first then hit Run. See if All Elements of Category still gives null.

Is there a red node anywhere in your graph?

This issue is due to some packages having conflict with dynamo engine, which means some of your nodes (not OOTB) is the root cause. Either try and delete each not OOTB node and restart dynamo, or uninstall the packages, restart dynamo, and install the most updated-supported version of the package

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I would agree with other suggestions here, certainly go with those first.

I’ve had some luck in the past with going through the nodes in place, and diving into the various Package-originating nodes. open them up (double click) and simply copy and paste them in place of the “Package Node.”

In the past this has given me a better understanding as to what the issue is. Sometimes I will find a package-originating node that uses an out of date DesignScript command, for instance.

It would be interesting to see if this would give you any better insight pertaining to your particular situation.

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