Nodes disappearing on reopen

Hallo Thom,

The tool was running fine yesterday but know i got an error.

Please can you tell what is wrong:

also after running the script today these nodes where gone from the script:

Do you know why, and happens this often.

Best Regards,


That’s an occasionally presenting bug. Close and restart your host application + Dynamo when this happens.

What if restart the application and dynamo won’t solve this issue.

I still have the same problem as i wrote above.

Can you answer these:

Does it happen frequently on all systems or just one?
Does it run more consistently in Dynamo Player than in Dynamo for Revit?
Are there any errors or warnings in your Dynamo log files?
What are your build numbers for Revit and Dynamo for Revit?

Dear Jacob,

Here are my answers:

  1. It happens on some systems! On some systems it works fine
  2. We used only dynamo for revit
  3. There are some errors in my log file i think - see file belowdynamoLog_71c1b207-894c-48eb-8f11-e09d16f80917.txt (2.5 KB) dynamoLog_98cb5273-0326-4436-bd15-c3d32d6f5b08.txt (10.0 KB) dynamoLog_c1cd39f5-5be8-428e-9bd0-ebf0cb2279a5.txt (9.9 KB) dynamoLog_ffcbefb2-095e-4323-bccc-7e1d22fe5700.txt (9.8 KB)
  4. My build numbers are Revit 2018.3 - Dynamo Revit - Dynamo Core

I hope you can give me the solution for our problem.

Best Regards,

Did you intent to launch Dynamo for Revit 2x in a 21 second span? If not looks like we might be able to chalk it up to ‘poor start up’ behavior.

Also, manually remove your 1.3 package directory from all 2.x directory paths as that can also be a cause.


I delete every 1.3 package manually but still i have the same issue.
If have uninstalled every dynamo software and his package but still i have this issue after re-installing.

I think it is a revit issue but i don’t know for sure.
When i have the time i will re-install revit 2018.

What were you doing that you opened and then closed Dynamo in 21 seconds later, starting a new session as the program was exiting? I think you may have managed to double execute the start up somehow.

I saw that the script wasn’t loading write thats why i closed it in 21 seconds.

Also sometimes it happens that we got a white screen when we where opening dynamo in revit.

After reinstalling revit i still have this problem.

I add the nodes to the script where it was gone and saved it.

After opening the script again. The nodes where gone again.

So i can add nodes to a script but they are gone after saving and reopen it.

Dear Jacob,

I have installed revit dynamo studio 2017 to test something.
Now i got an error on the script that i’m runniing in normal Revit.

See picture:

Can this picture help you about my issue.

I also saw a topic called: Nodes and Wires Missing When Opening DYN File

It seems to look like this issue.

What is the solution for this topic. Removing add-ins?

best Regards

This particular error is because you were opening a Dynamo 2.x file in Dynamo 1.x, as all versions of Dynamo Studio are built on a 1.x framework. As such it’s completely unrelated to your issue.

The ‘getting stuck in a white screen’ was likely because dynamo hadn’t finished opening either itself or your dyn. The program taking longer than 30 seconds to launch itself or opening a larger file is somewhat normal and should be allowed to continue through in the future. If you do have to close and restart Dynamo, you should close not just Dynamo but also Revit in most cases. And give it a half minute between launching as any program starting up while a prior instance is closing in an irregular fashion is apt to have issues. Just check your email real quick that’s all it takes.

One other thing that may help (and did help with the wires issue) is to unload all Revit add-ins from use. Use only the OOTB features. If you still have issues after removing the add ins provide a matching Revit journal and Dynamo log so I can review both in combination.

A last note for Dynamo and anything else: if you open a file and it looks wrong, do not hit save. Doing so will commit the ‘wrong’ to the file.

I’m also gonna split off this topic as we are WAY beyond the original question.

on the systems where this occurs - remove all other Revit addins as a first debugging step. This usually occurs when an assemblyResolve handler throws an exception in one of these addins. It should be guarded against in later version of Dynamo (2.5>) but for now to pinpoint which addin is causing it try removing all of them and add then back in batches. (as Jacob says above)

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Thank you very much for the input but after uninstalling every addin we still have the problem.

Know i’m trying to uninstall also dynamo and reinstall.

If there is any other solution than reinstall my laptop please let me know.


Reinstalling dynamo and the packages works know.

The nodes are back.

Know i will check which addin causes this mistake with the nodes.

Best Regards

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