Disorganized/compressed nodes

Hi Guys,
I’m using rvt 2022 and dynamo 2.10
I was having problems with my .dyn file, when i open it and sometimes when I run it too.
Copertura&Lucernario.dyn (2.7 MB)
journal.0071.txt.copy.txt (202.7 KB)
journal.0071.txt.copy.txt (202.7 KB)

As if that wasn’t enough, now when I open it, Dynamo show me the nodes in this way, without any type of group.

it’s because of maybe the origin of scrip created dynamo version vs your version.

Firstly I created the script in an old version. Then I updated a month ago, but it continues to works without any type of problem. I don’t know why it starts to make this bug since yesterday …

I re-read your question and my input was irrelevant

Likely a conflicting add-in or package. Check your dynamo logs and Revit journals for conflicts and API Error lines. Disable add-ins or update packages accordingly. If not, post a log and journal from a brand new Revit session which recreates the issue and closes Revit and Dynamo. I’ll see if anything stands out should you post something later.