Dynamo Automotive Package data file

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Here’s an example Automotive Package data file created in Alias and Dynamo.
Link: ‘Package_file_Alias_withHistory_Dim.wire’ & ‘Script 4 - Forward-rearward angles.dyn’

  1. Open ‘Package_file_Alias_withHistory_Dim.wire’ in Alias

  2. Query Edit any Dynamo surface/curve with history to launch Dynamo and navigate to the saved script file location: ‘Script 4 - Forward-rearward angles.dyn’

  3. In Dynamo, you can set the main dimensions of a car for modeling reference within the Car parameters:

    - Length
    - Height
    - Width
    - Front overhang
    - Rear overhang

    • set Tire size by using the Tire parameters: Width, Aspect ratio % and Rim diameter

    • set Tire placement by using the Wheels parameters:
      Wheel base, Wheel track, Wheel position X and Wheel position Z

    • Forward and Rearward angles for clearance

In addition - we have added visual dimensions that bake over for some of the main dimensions.


  • need to download DynamoText package from the Package manager (Packages > Search for Packages)
  • the dimensions in Alias and Dynamo are in mm (set by Alias)

Let us know if you have any feedback or comments on these files.



@vfongwm the link seems no longer to work?

@Michael-GG - the link has been updated.


Thanks a lot!

I like this setup. :slight_smile:

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Hi Vivian!

It looks like the link is not working, any chance you can re-ink to this file?



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Hi Jordan,
Please try this link: Automotive Package data files

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