Auto Dim

I’m creating a Dynamo Script Auto Dim for my worrk.
But I never idea!
Can you give me some your idea or sample Dynamo Scirpt?
I really very need them

Hi there,

You could use the search tool and find some post with the same issue.




Thanks @Manel_Fernandez for the reference.

Guys this is an easy process. Also there are already nodes I’ve created for this. Check out the package “JarrodRyanZA” for more.

Let me know if there are any issues.

Hi @jarrodryanza

can you tell me if this package is dynamo 1.3x or Dynamo 2.x, its not in your description in the package manager

@m.rijsmus it was designed in 1.3x but should be upgradable. If not don’t be shy to copy the code from the custom node into your workflow and adjust it.

Also, if one of us has solved your problem, please mark it as the solution.

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Hi, I tried just now in 2.x and it worked with no problem.


Can you give me that Scipt ?

Thanks! jarrodryanza

I can’t open it
It makes to an error

@nguyenngocduespkt I believe you downloaded the old workflow from the forum. Go to packages on dynamo, download JarrodRyanZA. In the package you will find a node called ElementsDimension.Grids

I hope that resolves your issues.


@nguyenngocduespkt did you manage to sort out your issue?